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About the Whipmaker

My name is Matt Garrett. I live in my home state of Connecticut and have been making whips since 2016. I was inspired by the Indiana Jones movies to make my very first whip. I love being outdoors and doing things such as camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, etc. I take pride in my whips and won't sell it until it's made right!!


The Whips

I offer many different types of whips that I handmake such as bullwhips, stockwhips, and snakewhips. You can custom order any type of whip or buy the whips that are in stock. Feel free to contact me with any questions or to place a custom order!


I make many different styles and sized bullwhips such as the Indiana Jones Bullwhips. The sizes range from 6ft-12ft. I also make custom bullwhips which is when you pick the color, size handle, length, etc. Please email me for pricing and any other inquiries!


Stockwhips are the newest product to my shop. I've made a few to test my skills and have decided to add them to my shop! The stockwhips come in many different sizes ranging from 4ft-10ft. The handle has different sizes ranging from 10-23" but I can make bigger if requested! I mainly use oak dowel rods for my handles but if you want a different type of wood email me to see what I have.



Indiana Jones Bullwhips

6ft- $140

7ft- $150

8ft - $160

9ft - $170

10ft - $180

12ft - $200

Custom Bullwhips

6ft - $135

7ft - $145

8ft - $155

9ft - $165

10ft - $175

11ft - $185

12ft - $195


5ft - $160

6ft - $170

7ft - $180

8ft - $190

9ft - $200



Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have or if you want to order a whip.


Matty G's Whip Shop in the Durham Fair

My whip was featured in this years 2018 Durham Fair in Connecticut! My whip placed first and got judges special in the section that it was placed. The whip I entered was a 8 ft. 16 plait Indiana Jones style bullwhip. You can purchase one just like this by going to my Etsy shop or emailing me!